Welcome to Timber Landscaping.

We're here to help make your Montana living a more beautiful, more enjoyable and more carefree experience. We listen to our clients thoughts and help them fulfill their vision with friendly, cooperative and reliable service. If you're not quite sure how to proceed, we make it simple with professional landscape design and down-to-earth advice that will help you achieve your goal and avoid costly mistakes.

Timber Landscaping ~ CAREFREE LIVING

Sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses. Life is for living. You deserve, and need, the time to do just that. Timber Landscaping will not only help create the perfect environment for you to enjoy, we'll maintain it for you as well. You will save time and energy for those more enjoyable things life offers. We take the trouble off your shoulders with services that range from mowing, watering, pruning, raking and manicuring to soil conditioning and snow removal. With Timber Landscaping, your home is your refuge!.

Timber Landscaping ~ DREAM SPACES

Timber Landscaping can create the perfect Dream Space for you to escape to, a place where you're surrounded by peace, tranquility and reflection. Find moments of inspiration just outside your door. Your design choices are limited only by your imagination. We can help you design the perfect oasis and make your Dream Space a reality.

Timber Landscaping ~ CURB APPEAL

Timber Landscaping can help transform your home into an inviting place of natural beauty and enjoyment for your friends and family. The enhanced curb appeal can increase your home's sale value by making it a more attractive choice to buyers in an increasingly competitive market.


Is your house ready for a facelift? Did you know you could have a new paver walkway for less than you think? Landscape construction, including stone and paver installations, are one of the most affordable investments you can make in your home. As with any project, it's important to educate yourself about the process. Timber Landscaping can assist you in creating a beautiful, functional, and affordable project that will provide value to your home.

Define Your Needs and Budget
What are the main objectives for your project? Improved safety, more privacy, and increased entertaining space are often common priorities. What budget are you considering? Timber Landscaping will work with you to develop the most cost-effective plan.

Implementation Plans
Timberlandscaping will work with you to create a plan and timeline that fits your needs. A large project can be made affordable by breaking it into phases. Our experts will work with you to develop and implement a plan that results in a beautiful new addition to your home and property.


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"One generation plants the trees, another enjoys the shade."
Chinese Proverb

We at Timber Landscaping believe your home should be your refuge.
Imagine stepping outside your door to find yourself surrounded by refreshing green foliage, creating natural habitat for songbirds, butterflys and wildlife, a relaxing oasis of trees, lush grass, stone and weathered wood, the peaceful sound of cool water trickling over a granite waterfall.
The caring professionals at Timber Landscaping are dedicated to making your Bitterroot lifestyle a more beautiful and carefree experience. Live your dream. We'll help make it your reality, Timber Landscaping.



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